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September 19, 2018
"The L.A. Phil sounded exceptional...there was no countering a sense of enormous excitement."
Alison Balsom and Bramwell Tovey with the LA Phil
Alison Balsom and Bramwell Tovey with the LA Phil

"Songs of the Paradise Saloon, featured popular British trumpet soloist Alison Balsom...(a) dazzling performance. Technically she can do it all.

...derived from Tovey's opera "The Inventor." The protagonist, Alexander Keith Jr., was a real-life 19th century New York con artist..The Paradise Saloon was a notorious New York hangout where Keith could be found scheming and seducing chambermaids.

In the concerto, which is a set of variations, the trumpet is Keith at work. Different musical styles and different kinds of instruments (fluegelhorn, cornet and piccolo trumpet) represent the different approaches he takes, depending upon his victim..."

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