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Orchestrating excellence: Finding a new musical director at the VSO
Bramwell Tovey in Pyatt Hall at the VSO School of Music
Bramwell Tovey in Pyatt Hall at the VSO School of Music

HELP WANTED: Large arts organization in Western Canada seeks an impossibly dynamic, multi-talented, charismatic and photogenic individual to direct dozens of music concerts per year. Should seek to enhance our international reputation, help to determine artistic policies and budgets, and glad-hand at fundraising events. Ability to contribute to our social media profile and community outreach and work with sometimes difficult guest artists a must. Successful candidate will be required to submit to endless interviews and media profiles and interface with often recalcitrant government and private funders, all the while travelling constantly and never, ever getting eight hours sleep...

...Over the months ahead the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will begin the complex business of searching for a new music director to replace long-serving Bramwell Tovey, who is scheduled to step down just before the orchestra’s 100th season in 2018.

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David Gordon Duke, Vancouver Sun
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