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"Bramwell is a brilliant, devoted and inspirational music director"

"Bramwell Tovey, the esteemed and charismatic music director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, will leave the post at the end of the 2017-2018 season – the orchestra’s 99th. A new music director will begin the orchestra’s centenary season in the fall of 2018.

“Everyone expected me to stay for the centenary and they wanted me to, but I felt it was an important moment to hand over. I think it would have been so hard to have all the razzmatazz of 100 years and then leave it for somebody else to pick up the pieces,” Tovey said. “This is the best way to go.”

“Leaving is a major decision, but frankly, 18 years is a very long time for a tenure in this job. It’s about double the average,” said Tovey, who will become the VSO’s music director emeritus..."

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Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail
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